What do you feed a turtle?

What do you feed a turtle?

Turtles are some of the cutest reptiles out there and they are great pets that you can take care easily. It is true that they need a lot of attention, although they like to play independently rather than being handled by their owners. They must be supervised closely, they need special tanks, toys, and accessories and a lot of exercises. In spite of all that, having a turtle is extremely satisfying, which is why most turtle owners wouldn’t give one up for the world.

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Turtles of all types aren’t difficult to feed either. They like a variety of foods and they enjoy fighting for their meal. Digging, climbing or running are some of their favorite activities, especially if they get to find food in the end.

In captivity, they need nice, clean and entertaining aquariums to live in. Except for that, the lifespan and the quality of a turtle’s life depend, of course, on the quality of its meals, too. Read below if you want to know what to feed a turtle.

Here’s how to feed turtles in captivity

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a turtle’s balanced diet. However, their meals must contain a variety of other foods. as a turtle’s owner, you must be aware of the fact that around 80% of a turtle’s diet must contain green and leafy foods, from which they take their energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Give your turtle the following vegetables and fruits:

  • Kale, pepper leaves, cabbage, parsley, spinach, broccoli
  • Carrots, zucchini
  • Apple pieces, bananas, pear pieces, grapes, melon or kiwi
  • Roses, hibiscus

These are some of the most popular green foods that you can feed a turtle. Among the important foods in its diet are the living foods that you mustn’t forget about. Here’s what you can buy:

  • Live worms
  • Crickets
  • Shrimp
  • Small grubs
  • Insects
  • Small living fish
  • Mosquito fish
  • Small aquatic snails


Except for green and living foods, turtles also need vitamins and minerals that they can’t get from their food or which they don’t assimilate properly. In this regard, you must give them pellets that you can find in local pet stores. These contain a wide variety of vitamins. Calcium is very important in a turtle’s diet, which is why you have to make sure that it gets the proper amount of it either from its food, either from its supplements.

When taking your turtle outdoors, let it explore the surroundings and eat the plants that it is attracted to.  On the other hand, you must make sure that, if it finds insects or other living foods, they aren’t larger than its head, as it could choke on them. More than that, you must supervise its every movement, especially if it is surrounded by insects, as it could get bitten or hurt.

If you don’t have the time to prepare your pet fresh food, cut into little pieces, go to a local shop that is specialized in pet foods. You can buy commercial pelleted food, fish or insects, as well as fruits and vegetables.

What do you feed a turtle?
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