Top biggest health mistakes women make in their 30s

Top biggest health mistakes women make in their 30s

When you are in your 20s, the world is yours. It practically belongs to you. You dream, travel, have fun and go with the waves. When you turn 30, you start thinking about life in a more profound, realistic way and by the time you are in your mid-30s, you do everything you can to stay young.

However, time passes and even though you never imagine yourself in your 50s, those times will come, too. By the time you are in your 30s, you should be already mature enough to know that there are risks that you took too often than you should have and that there are mistakes that can be avoided.

According to statistics, there is a pattern in the behavior of a woman who is in her 30s. See what the most frequent health mistakes are below and make sure you avoid them.

1. Ignoring the need for muscle mass

Your body might be healthy now and you might feel strong in your 30s even though all you do at the gym are cardio exercises. This is really good for your cardiovascular and immune system, as well as for preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative affections. However, consider the fact that 10 years from now, hopefully more, your body’s strength will decrease exponentially. You will start feeling more tired, more easily and you will struggle to do the things that you were doing with ease when you were younger.

If you want to avoid this, include strength training sessions into your gym routine, although it seems difficult. This way, you can prevent muscle deterioration.

Ignoring the need for muscle mass

2. Forget that your metabolism slows down after your 30s

Everyone’s metabolism slows down at some point. In women, that starts happening after they turn 30. The change will not be felt drastically, but you will observe it in time. So, if you gain weight in your 30s it will be extremely difficult for you to lose as much as you used to in your 20s. Therefore, you should not ignore the fact that your diet must always be healthy and you should keep your weight under control. Also, you should exercise regularly with the purpose of becoming fit and powerful, not just to impress your friends at the gym.

Forget that your metabolism slows down after your 30s

3. Not prioritizing your medical exams

Although you are still very young and you feel good, this is the time when most diseases install themselves into your body, especially if you lead a chaotic lifestyle. Make time to go and see your doctor, insist if you feel that something is wrong and always prioritize your yearly checks. This way, you will reach old ages without serious health problems. Trust us, you will make yourself a great good!

Avoid these mistakes in your 30s to enjoy a healthy, balanced life when you become older. You surely encountered people whom you heard saying that they wish they were smarter. Also, you surely heard them say that they would turn back the time to do the right things. We know that you do not want to be one of them.

Not prioritizing your medical exams

Top biggest health mistakes women make in their 30s
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