How do you take care of a turtle?

How do you take care of a turtle?

Turtles are incredible pets that move slowly but are filled with surprises. They are gentle; they have the funniest facial expressions and are easy to take care of. Their shells are extremely attractive, as they all have different, unique patterns and they have long life spans, which is one of the greatest things about them. If you want to commit to a tiny pet that does not need a walk two times a day, every single day of their lives, but is still cute and intelligent, you can get a turtle.

Taking care of one isn’t rocket science, but this doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore them. Turtles need their share of attention. Depending on the species, they might need special treatment, cleaning routines or living conditions. Also, they need to exercise, despite the general opinion that they are slow and passive.

Things you have to absolutely know about turtles

Turtles might be lazy sometimes, but they are actually pretty active and curious most of the times, which means that they need to be closely supervised when freed in the house or in any open space. They can hide easily and tiny species are difficult to find if they get lost. Therefore, they need a cage, a care of a turtletank, or a natural, improvised space only for themselves, where they can play, eat and live most of the time.

Turtles like to climb and walk and although this can wreck your nerves sometimes, an active turtle is a happy and healthy turtle. If you want to offer it the best living conditions, you can start by setting up a tank that is complex and that includes a variety of accessories.

Also, it is crucial to know that turtles like to be in the water, but they also enjoy their time off, on dry surfaces. Therefore, if you are buying your turtle a tank and you are planning on filling it with water; you should know that it isn’t the greatest idea. It is recommended to fill just a part of it with water and leave some dry areas on the top, by adding some basking logs or islands. Turtles love those spots.

Feeding the turtles properly is also an essential aspect that you must take into consideration. They must be fed regularly, balanced quantities of food. Luckily, turtles have a varied diet, such as vegetables, leaves, insects, shrimp and much more.

Also, pet shops are filled with various turtle foods of all kinds. However, one must understand the difference between the food that is meant to be given to tortoises and freshwater turtles, which are tinier and more sensitive.

Taking good care of a turtle means offering them enough attention, a clean and healthy habitat, just enough food and a lot of moving space. Also, enough training, both water and dry surfaces and other turtles to play with are important for turtles to have a long, happy and high-quality life. The important thing is that even in captivity, they can feel comfortable and healthy.

How do you take care of a turtle?
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