Massaging 6 Spots on Your Feet

Improve Your Health Simply by Massaging These 6 Spots on Your Feet

Massage is one of the best things that one person can do to another. This art is well-known for its healing benefits, as well as for the ability to relax the entire human body. More than that, the mind lets go and the skin starts rediscovering its amazing senses.

Lately, scientists have been searching intensively for ways to improve people’s health using non-invasive methods and alternative medicine. That is how they rediscovered that we can significantly improve our heath through massage. One of the methods that are recommended by representatives of alternative medicine is the foot massage.

The feet encompass billions of nerve endings that can have a great impact on our health if stimulated correctly. The field that studies this subject is called reflexology and involves the application of pressure on certain points using the thumbs and fingers, as well as hand techniques that do not involve the fingers.

Are you curious to know what the 6 spots that you must massage in order to improve your health are? Check them out below and start having a healthy massaging routine right away.
  1. The inner border of your foot

Massage this part of your feet if you feel very tired and confused lately. You can either put some pressure on the zone for two or three minutes or simply massage it like you would massage any other zone. This part of your body is where your adrenal glands can be stimulated. Touch the inner border of your feet to become more energized, two-three times a day for the best results.

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  1. Next to the heel

Are you interested in detoxification and you already started a diet? Then you should also start massaging your feet, in the region next to the heels. You will notice that your body will start to relax immediately. Aside from this, your body’s excretory system will be stimulated, causing the entire organism to remove any toxic substances that it might contain.

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  1. The middle of the big toe

The master gland, also known as the pituitary gland is ruled by the nerve endings that can be found in your big toe. This is the gland positioned at the base of your brain and is responsible for hormone release. It is extremely important in the growth of the human body, the well-functioning of the thyroid, the well-functioning of the adrenocorticotropic hormone, prolactin hormone, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone. By massaging the central portion of your toes twice a day, you can stabilize the levels of your hormones.

The middle of the big toe

  1. The center of the foot

If you stimulate this spot on a regular basis, you might notice that your stress levels decrease exponentially and that it becomes easier for you to calm down. At the same time, there are nerve endings in the center of the foot that can help you improve and stabilize your breathing. These nerves reach your diaphragm, the muscle that helps you control it. Manage your stress better by massaging this zone as many times as you like.

The inner border of your foot

  1. The base of the big toe

Just like massaging the center of the foot, massaging or putting pressure on the base of your toes will help you bust the stress in your everyday routine. Also, it can help you eliminate the tension in your body and, therefore, get rid of some of the muscle aches that trouble you. Except for these benefits, the nerve endings in the base of the big toes are connected to the thyroid gland which can be severely affected by high levels of stress. By concentrating on this area, you will solve two of your problems in one shot.

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  1. The big toe

Are you a gormandizer? You enjoy eating all sorts of food and you often eat without being hungry just because you love the taste of it? Then you probably also experience weights issues. If not now, you will in the future. According to reflexologists, the best way to prevent this uncontrollable appetite is to massage the big toe. This will help you control your desire for unnecessary food and lose weight in time.

Not many people are interested in reflexology, although it has the power to modify basic aspects of our health. Stress, premature aging, intense fatigue and pain are the most frequent issues that individuals who practice reflexology can heal. If you want to try it for a while, simply massage the 6 spots above and see if it works for you. If not, you will at least relax and have some time for yourself.

Improve Your Health Simply by Massaging These 6 Spots on Your Feet
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