Lose Weight and Build Muscle At Home with These Workouts

Lose Weight and Build Muscle At Home with These Workouts

Most fitness experts advise you to train in such a way that you get rid of the fat first and then train your muscles. Even so, there are workouts that can help you do both, at the same time. How isLose Weight and Build Muscle that possible?

Actually, it truly is possible. There are workouts that can help you achieve these results, but the question is whether or not you are willing to pay the price. Medium or advanced training experience is required, as well as good resistance and a good physical condition.

When you want to lose weight and build your muscles at the same time, what you practically want to do is to recompose your body. During such training, your body will go through a maintenance process during which you will undergo another process that is called “protein synthesis”.

What does protein synthesis mean?

Unless you are a fitness expert, this isn’t exactly easy to understand. Basically, the protein synthesis refers to the creation of new cells in your body, while some proteins degrade and get to be eliminated from it.

It is enough to read this explanation to understand that losing weight and building muscles at the same time isn’t easy. But it isn’t impossible either.

Keep reading to learn how to do it at home.

Workouts that can help you lose weight and build muscle

Try a lower body workout during which you will perform jumping jacks, body weight squats, incline push-ups, planks and reverse lunges. Each exercise should be performed as many times as possible for 30 seconds. After you are done with one, continue with the other without any breaks. Repeat this routine three times and rest for 30 seconds between the sets.

lower body workou

A push-up workout that involves as many repetitions as possible is ideal for this purpose. You will start with butt kicks, side lunges and continue with close grip push-ups. The, do some star jumps, the bridge and plank to push-ups. Performs each exercise for 30 seconds and rest 60 seconds before starting a new set. Repeat at least three times.

push-up workout

A workout that involves weights and plyos is also suitable for this purpose. What you can do is to do side hops for 30 seconds, then continue with a two-arm alternating dumbbell row, some DB deadlifts, DB jump squats, dumbbell push-ups and some leap frogs. Each exercise must be made for 30 seconds and you should only rest 45 seconds between the sets. Just like the workouts above, this workout must contain at least three sets.

weights and plyos

Try combining these three workouts in a week’s time and see how your physical condition changes and what are the advantages and disadvantages. Are you up to the challenge? If yes, then good luck! If the answer is no, then it is recommended to try similar workouts with less repetitions or slightly easier exercises. However, once you become strong enough, make sure to perform all the workouts above. You will feel unbreakable.

Lose Weight and Build Muscle At Home with These Workouts
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