How to Fix Forward Head Posture with Exercise

The forward head position is also known as the “chicken-head appearance”. You don’t need to read more to understand that this posture is not only incorrect, but also has unaesthetic. If you know that you tend to lean your head forward regardless of your activity, then you must take measures.

Luckily, there are plenty of exercises that you can do to correct it. But first, you must learn why you lean your head forward unconsciously. Maybe you spend a lot of time looking at your phone and it has become a habit or maybe your computer screen’s position is lower than your head. If one of these is your case, then it is understandable that you experience this posture issue.

Also, if you are tall and you have a long neck, you might have a weird head posture because of your weak back muscles. However, there is a solution for all of these situations.

Here are a few exercises that you can perform in order to fix the forward head posture:

1. Tennis ball exercises

Did you know that there is a group of muscles in the back of your head, underneath the base of your skull? There are two important muscles that must be loosened up in order for you to be able to maintain a normal head position. To do that, you need a small medical ball or a tennis ball can be placed right underneath that spot, while you are lying down. Simply put pressure into that area and rotate from side to side to release the tension. Do this for about 5 minutes every day.

Tennis ball exercises

2. Chin exercises

Once the group of muscles in the back of your head is released, you can start exercising for the right position of your head. To do that, you must stand, maintaining a straight back and your head well-aligned. Start tucking in your chin until you obtain a double chin, without letting your head move downwards. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat it as much as you can. You should do this every day, until you get back your correct posture. Once you get used to it, you can also try to do it against gravity, while lying on a bed or sofa, facing the floor.

Chin exercises

3. Mobility exercises

Sometimes, the head posture is incorrect due to the rigidity of the back muscles. In order to strengthen them and make them more mobile, you should do some mobility exercises. For example, you can do some flexions. What you need to do is to get into the four kneel position, to round your upper back while leading your head into your chest and then flattening your back, alternatively. Also, you should do some strengthening exercises.

Mobility exercises

After doing these exercises daily, you should also wear a posture brace that will bring your back to a correct position and will give you great support. Do all that and the results will start appearing slowly, but surely.

How to Fix Forward Head Posture with Exercise
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