How to Download and Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

How to Download and Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

The Instagram story is a very popular way of sharing some of your most interesting moments with your followers. Now, lots of people like to see the stories of their followers, but they can’t actually save them using Instagram.

However, in order to download an Instagram story, you will need to use the website. Instagram story download doesn’t require much time and it is a really nice option to have sometimes. Since every Instagram story disappears after 24 hours, the possibility to save Instagram stories comes really handy.

Never the less, we will now present to you five easy steps that you need to follow to download ig stories. Let’s begin.

  • Copy the Username of the Instagram account

This step requires you to find the Username on the Instagram profile and copy it. Simply put, if you like someone’s Instagram story, go to their profile and copy their Username. The only thing to remember here is that you can only copy PUBLIC profile Usernames in order to save an Instagram story.

  • Go to

The second step is also an easy one to do. Plainly speaking, you need to visit the website called You can accomplish this step in lots of different ways. First, you can type the name of the website in your address bar. Second, you can use some search engine to help you find the website. All in all, you should not have troubles finding it at all.

  • Paste the USERNAME

Next step is the most important one. Remember that you can only copy the PUBLIC Instagram profile Usernames. Now, you need to find the search box on the website and paste the Username there. Make sure that the Username is copied correctly.

  • Press the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’

After you pasted the Username into the search box, the next step to do is to press the button that is positioned right next to the search box. This button is called ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’.

  • Press the download button under each image story or in the bottom-right corner of each video

Now, the website already prepared the Instagram story photos and videos of the Instagram profile that you provided. The last step to do is to download photos or videos from the website. If you want to download the photo, you will be able to find the ‘’download’’ button beneath each image. Also, if you want to download the video, you will need to find the ‘’download’’ button that is positioned in the bottom-right corner in every video. Now, your browser will start downloading the photos or videos you want.


With everything that we said about the Instagram story download, you should be able to do it with ease. Namely, if you follow these steps in the correct order, then there should really not be any troubles or difficulties with the Instagram story download.

We really hope that this instruction guide helped you to download the Instagram stories you want.

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