Do Back Braces for Posture Really Work?

Do Back Braces for Posture Really Work?

If you have a poor posture and no matter how many motivational speeches you hear, nothing seems to work for you, then it is time to buy a posture brace. But before buying it, you surely want to know if it truly works or not, which is exactly what you will learn in this article.

According to mayo Clinic, 4 out of 5 Americans suffer from back pain due to their poor posture. The same source informs that back pain is something that affects every one of us at least once in a lifetime.

The numbers are worrying and show that our passive lifestyles aren’t helping much. The bad thing is that most of the people who suffer from back pain or have a really ugly posture that affects various aspects of their lives do not get professional help. If they did, they would be advised to wear a posture brace, to exercise more and to sit on ergonomic chairs.

Here is why you should wear a posture brace:

1. It stabilizes your spine – rigid posture braces are recommended for spine stabilization especially after surgery or a traumatic accident that has caused back injury. It is really important to wear it properly, for the recommended amount of time. Ignoring the physician’s advice can have severe consequences on your health. Also, if you slouch since you were a child and your back is deformed, you should start wearing a rigid brace for a while when you are at home.

spine posture brace

2. It offers you lumbar support – soft posture braces are used more often than the rigid ones. They can be worn by anyone and they are much more comfortable than the first type. They offer you the lumbar support you need, thanks to its ergonomic construction and its ability to pull your bones and muscles into the right direction.

 lumbar support

3. It supports your abdomen – when you slouch, your posture if often really bad also because of the inability of your abdomen to maintain a correct position. Therefore, if you look in a mirror, you will see a person who rounds their shoulders and pushes the belly forward. A posture brace will make you look less like a pregnant woman and more like a regular person, thanks to its ability to support your abdomen.

It supports your abdomen It supports your abdomen

4. It decreases the level of your pain – if your posture is poor all the time, it probably means that your spine is wrongly curved due to years and years of slouching. If that is the case, you surely experience a lot of back pain and neck pain. Mind that the posture braces can decrease the level of your pain because they support your shoulders, lower and upper back, as well as your chest and abdomen, maintaining a proper position.

It decreases the level of your pain

5. It lowers tension – when your back isn’t straight and your muscles are weak, the risk of injury are higher in case of falls or sports accidents. In such a case, a brace for posture will show its true abilities, as it will release the tension you put on your spine while walking, standing, sitting or working.

tension posture brace

Therefore, posture braces work for everyone if only they are being chosen for the correct purpose. In order to make sure that you wear the right one, consider asking for your physician’s advice first.

Do Back Braces for Posture Really Work?
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