How to take care of a chameleon?

How to take care of a chameleon?

Chameleons are incredible pets that you can buy from almost any pet shop. They don’t look or feel special at first, but they are really helpful in one’s household. Also, they are tiny beings that can make your day.

Are you curious to know why a pet chameleon is so special? First of all, its ability to change its color is amazing and reminds one of how complex nature and life is. Second of all, if you choose to have chameleons as pets, you can rest assured that no insects will ever live in your house or apartment. They, instinctively, chase and eat all insects, worms, tiny birds and more.

Things you need to know to take good care of a chameleon

So you have decided to buy a chameleon as a pet. The next step is to provide this tiny reptile with unique qualities everything it needs to grow and live healthily. In order to do that, you must provide the right lighting, some plants, a clean environment and a proper sized tank to live in.Pet chameleon

Make sure of the following when owning a chameleon:

  • Provide enough food, such as insects and worms, to a chameleon pet
  • Provide at least a chameleon plant, such as small trees or branches, as they are arboreal lizards
  • Buy a cage or a chameleon terrarium that has a screened top
  • Go for the largest tank that you can find if your chameleon is medium or large
  • The Ficus Tree is among the most popular plants for chameleons
  • All plants must be clean and free of toxins
  • UVB are the best chameleon lighting sources
  • Veiled chameleons care is different than that of a regular chameleon
  • Clean the tank regularly
  • Buy a mister or a fogger


Besides the above, you might also wonder where do chameleons live in the healthiest and most appropriate way. To answer that question, we must say that they enjoy a clean environment where there is plenty of water and plants, but they also like to explore and hunt their prey. If you want to own a happy chameleon pet, free them into your house from time to time, but make sure that they are well supervised.

Another question that most chameleon lovers ask all the time is how do you clean a chameleon cage? This is a very important aspect, as you must avoid all toxic substances. To make it easier for you to clean, add a newspaper or a towel to the base of the cage. This way, you will be able to simply remove it and throw it away.

If you are wondering what size tank does a chameleon need, you should know that the larger the cage is, the better. However, if your budget is tight or you don’t have much space available, you can choose a tank with an approximate size of 2 x 2 x 3 inches. You can also choose a birdcage or a nice glass terrarium, where they will feel just like in their natural habitat.

How to take care of a chameleon?
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