Best Cervical Traction Device

Best Cervical Traction Device

Unfortunately, neck pain and neck injuries are something that happens all the time. From sleeping uncomfortably to hitting a bump in the road, a neck can be damaged and hurt in various ways. Preserving and keeping the neck safe is very important because it is very fragile, and apart from joining many important nerves through our spine, it keeps our head on our shoulders.

Knowing that neck injury is commonplace, some of the greatest medical minds have invented a couple of solutions – one, and perhaps the best of them was the cervical traction device. Keeping you safe, while minimally restricting your freedom of movement, the cervical traction device is the best way to heal (and prevent) your neck problems. Let’s dive into the meaty bit – Best Cervical Traction Devices, go!

Best Cervical Traction Device

1. Gideon Cervical Neck Traction Device

Gideon Cervical Neck Traction Device


The Gideon Cervical Neck Traction Device can be considered your personal medic. Not only is it capable of healing your neck irregularities, it increases your blood circulation as well. It is fully adjustable, comfortable, and very simple to use. Correct your neck posture and get well soon with this neck traction device.


  • Increases the blood flow – The increased blood circulation make you even healthier;
  • Corrects posture – an important attribute when the neck traction devices are in question;
  • Fully adjustable;


  • A bit bulky – even though its size is adjustable, the material used in the manufacturing process is quite different if compared to other models, which make the Gideon Neck Traction Device just a bit bulkier;

2. OTC Over Door Cervical Traction Kit

OTC Over Door Cervical Traction Kit


The OTC brand provided the means of curing even the most troublesome neck injuries and irregularities. The simple design requires little time and effort to be installed, after which it provides phenomenal efficiency. Rapid recovery is guaranteed.

People often refrain from using the Over-The-Door kinds of Cervical Traction devices, as their movements are very limited. The user is required to sit perfectly still while the Cervical Traction Device is attached, but this is not the case with OTC Over Door Cervical Traction kit – at least not entirely so, for it only partially immobilizes the user.


  • Easy setup;
  • Soothes the muscle pressure, minor fractures, and problems with nerve tissue;
  • Fast results;


  • Requires installation prior to use;

3. Duro-Med Cervical Traction Device

Duro-Med Cervical Traction Device


One of the most affordable means to cure your neck problems, the Duro-Med presents a wonderful solution. It is easily applicable at home, so you will save the time of going to treatments, as it is equally, if not even better, than most methods of cervical mending. Great value, bargain price, and almost immediate results are just some of the things the Duro-Med offers.


  • Very affordable – the price for such a contraption is a very important factor – the entire kit is available for a bargain price;
  • Durable – the Duro-Med Cervical Traction Set was made out of sturdy materials which make it very durable;
  • Quick and efficient;


  • Immobilizes the user while it’s used;

4. SYRTENTY Cervical Traction Collar

SYRTENTY Cervical Traction Collar


Perfect for home use, the SYRTENTY Inflatable Cervical Traction Collar is very easy to use – the air-pressure pump allows you to slowly put traction on your neck, relieving you of any muscle tension problems. Very soft, very comfortable, and very efficient.

It is very lightweight due to incredibly soft materials that were used in the manufacturing process, which makes the SYRTENTY Inflatable Cervical Traction Collar just barely noticeable. This product has a tremendous value behind it.


  • Lightweight – the materials used in the manufacturing process are very light, so the collar is extremely light;
  • Portable – the air-pressure pump is used to inflate the collar Before it is inflated, the Cervical Traction Collar is very small in size, and very portable;
  • Very comfortable due to soft materials – the comfort is one of the things that comes first when using a cervical traction collar. The entire device would be useless if it was uncomfortable;


  • Quite slow results – Even though the SYRTENTY Cervical Traction Collar is very effective, its results often come at a very slow pace.


5. NONPAREIL Cervical Neck Traction Device

NONPAREIL Cervical Neck Traction Device


As straightforward as it gets, the NONPAREIL was made with a simple design and a simple function – help you with your neck problems. But it does a bit more- it aligns your spine as well. Intelligent design made it possible for you to rid yourself of any neck or spine injuries at the comfort of your home.

One of the biggest and most important attributes of NONPAREIL Cervical Traction device is that it helps adjust and align your spine if it is in any way out of place. The adjustable size just makes this model even more attractive, as it was designed to fit any user. The only downfall is that this Cervical Traction Device is rather basic and simple – it is not as versatile as other models if you take out the fact that it helps align your spine, where more prominent models help with the blood circulation.


  • Simple and straightforward – The NONPAREIL Cervical Neck Traction device was intended for a single purpose – the one that makes you feel good and comfortable;
  • Spine alignment – one of the biggest advantages when it comes to cervical neck traction devices, the spine alignment attribute is a tremendous pro;
  • Adjustable size – The adjustable size makes this cervical traction device suitable for virtually everyone.


  • Pretty basic due to its simplicity;

What is a Cervical Traction Device?

There are several types of Cervical Traction Devices made by several different manufacturers, so they are different in design and the way of use. However, they share the same purpose – healing your neck using a method that is the most comfortable to you.

The standard models are considered to be the Cervical Neck Traction Devices. Plainly speaking, they are a form of very comfortable pillows with a hole where the neck should go through, with a pumping mechanism that should adjust the device to your neck with ease. They are commonly used at home, and they prevent and heal minor damages.

The Over-The-Door Cervical Traction Sets are more of a heavy-duty category of neck traction devices. These kits need to be installed above the patient prior to their use, and they limit the movement of the patient quite a lot. They are intended to be used when the neck is greatly damaged.

How does a Cervical Traction Device Work?

Various models work in a different way, so how they work mainly depends on the type and the particular model of the cervical traction device. The standard Neck Traction Device (the type that resembles pillows) uses a pressure pump to slowly put traction on the neck of the user, minimally restricting the neck’s movement while providing comfort.

The Over-The-Door Cervical Traction Kits operate quite differently. They are installed in a spot above the user after which they apply a lot of traction to the neck, thus helping in healing the most serious wounds. They restrict the movement of the neck quite a lot and do not provide the comfort that the other category does.

What are the advantages of using the Cervical Traction Device?

The Cervical Traction Devices offer a lot of advantages to your neck. First of all, they heal the irregularities that have occurred on your neck. The application of traction puts the neck in the correct position, which, over time, helps the neck become well by adjusting it with the spine more accordingly.

Secondly, they provide comfort – The Cervical Traction devices are specifically designed to be comfortable. Knowing that the neck is fragile and delicate by nature, as well as being extremely important part of our body, the manufacturers have invested a lot of time and effort to make the healing process as comfortable as it can be.

Thirdly, they minimally limit the movement of the neck. They were designed so that the user won’t feel immobilized unless there’s a dire need to. The Over-The-Door types of Cervical Traction Devices do place some limitations, however.

Lastly, they’re affordable, so you will save you the time and money from going to salons and treatments. Healing of your neck is very easy with these devices, and most importantly, they’re easy to use and very efficient.

Cervical Traction Devices compared to Over-The-Door Cervical Traction Kits?

These two categories can’t be directly compared – each category has certain advantages and disadvantages, but the main reason why the two categories exist is that one is intended for light to medium injuries, while the other is for more serious ones.

The Standard Cervical Traction Devices can’t help you with severe neck injuries. They are manufactured to soothe the pain and adjust the minor irregularities on the user’s neck, even moderate ones after prolonged use.

The Over-The-Door Cervical Traction Kits, however, are intended for serious injuries but can help even with minor and moderate ones, however, at the cost of comfort. The main difference between these two categories is just that – the feeling of comfort due to lack of immobilization make the standard cervical traction devices feel better, while the Over-The-Door kits are, perhaps, more efficient.

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