Best fish for small aquariums?

Best fish for small aquariums?

Small aquariums can beautify the space you live or work in and can help you create a relaxing atmosphere that everyone appreciates. These tiny tanks are delightful and the small, colourful and playful fish can turn any space into one that is filled with life and the beauty of nature.

Unlike large aquariums, small tanks are easier to maintain, clean and move. Also, they are great for small apartments, where one often gets the sensation that it is difficult to decorate efficiently. Small aquariums turn small places into cozier ones.

The thing with small fish tanks is that you cannot host large fish, not because they would not fit inside, but because they will not have enough space to move. This is why small fish, also known as nano fish, are recommended in these cases.

What are the most popular nano fish?

There is an infinite number of small fish species that you can choose from if you wish to organize a nice aquarium in your home. However, not all species feel comfortable and live long lives in small aquariums. Also, not all of those species are highly adaptable in captivity, as well as when living with other fish with which they are not compatible.

Here are some of the most popular nano fish species:

  1. Gold fish – these are not only the most popular pet fish, but they are also very low maintenance, highly adaptable and you can choose from a variety of sizes and colors. Bubbly heads are fish for smallsome of the cutest gold fish, being loved by both children and adults. They live in waters with temperatures that range between 62 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they make a lot of mess when eating, so you must be prepared to clean their tank often and regularly.
  2. White clouds – this fish species is extremely popular due to the cold temperatures that they live in. also, they are beautifully colored and they enjoy living in groups.
  3. Black Molly – this peaceful fish species is incredibly popular due to the fact that it is black, simple, peaceful and adapts well in the company of most fish. In order to live, they need heated water at temperatures that range between 70 and 82 degrees.
  4. Kuhli Loach – these fish are not the regular shaped ones that you see in every aquarium. They look like little snakes and need plenty of vegetation to hide in. They are popular for their small size, interesting shape, lovely patterns and peaceful behavior.
  5. Betta – these are incredibly beautiful nano fish that are also known under the name Siamese Fighting Fish. They have long fins and they behave peacefully, except if they live with other Betta fish. In that case, they will surely fight with each other.
  6. Scarlet Badis – also known as Dario-Dario, these fish have incredibly beautiful shades of blue and green, which is why they represent one of the main choices of small fish lovers. However, males tend to be aggressive in the company of other males. They eat a lot of food and they like to live in rather darker places that they lighten up thanks to their delightful coloring.

Choose one of the above nano fish species if you are looking for pet fish for your first aquarium or if you want to decorate by placing a small tank in your home or office.

Best fish for small aquariums?
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