Best Chameleon Supplies Online

Best Chameleon Supplies Online

Chameleons are amazing creatures, aren’t they? One of the most fascinating and beautiful animals, they are truly a gem and a highlight of the room in which they are placed. Of course, this may be a bit subjective, since we really, really like these animals. And if you like them too, then you really should be aware of one thing – chameleons are difficult to keep.

Top Chameleon Supplies Stores

Chameleons require a lot of work. Their habitat, their food, everything must be perfect, otherwise, they will not be as healthy and as happy as you want them to be. The temperature must be spot on, the humidity levels as well. Food must be given at certain times, and in right amounts. Also, you need to know what kind of supplements they need. All this can be overwhelming, but the following websites (and yours truly) are here to help you out. These websites can provide you with the best possible supplies and equipment needed to keep your little lizards happy and healthy.

Things to keep in mind

First, the terrarium needs to be well-ventilated, or at least get a screened enclosure. It should be around 30 inches long, around 18 inches wide, and 18 inches tall. Try to avoid lining the bottom of the cage with anything (except maybe plain paper). This is because chameleons have a tendency to eat stuff that we usually use as floor lining (like wood chips). You can use reptile carpets, but these are a bit expensive. Also, clean and change the floor lining at least once a month. As far as decorations are concerned, you can place (sterilized) rocks, and also a couple of artificial or regular (but non-toxic) plants. Keep in mind that the branches are not too close to the heat source of the enclosure, or your chameleon can burn itself.

Next, it’s food source. You can feed them daily with crickets or waxworms, butter worms, and small flies. Keep in mind that a chameleon can eat too much, which may make it sick. That’s why you should give it one large cricket per day, and maybe something smaller, like a waxworm. Also keep in mind that chameleons need, when in captivity, an extra source of calcium. Because of this, it’s a good idea to cover their bugs in calcium powdered supplement. Their hydration is to be done by essentially misting the whole terrarium. This is because they don’t actually drink water, but rather lick the moisture from their skin and foliage.

You also need to have an external heat source for their terrarium. You should get a heat lamp and a UVA or UVB light bulb. The former is needed for general heat, because chameleons are cold-blooded reptiles, while the former is a way for them to receive a vitamin they can only get from sunlight. The temperature should be somewhere around 28 degrees Celsius for Jackson Chameleons, or somewhere between 33 and 39 for Veiled Chameleons.

Best chameleon supply websites on the web!

The websites are listed in RANDOM order. We believe you should visit all of them to find the perfect product for you!


This is an excellent and simple website that will give you everything you need to make a simple and clear purchase. They offer a wide variety of stuff, at affordable prices. First of all, you can get snakes, lizards, and turtles… whatever you want. There is also a lot of gear and books on offer that can help you really take care of your animals, in the best way possible. While they don’t actually specialize in chameleons, they do know their stuff. The website has a clear list of categories, each of which takes you to another page where you can see what they have on offer.

A great fact is that they have a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest page so you can use all of them to learn more about what they have to offer, and about keeping chameleons in general. You can also contact them directly via e-mail, and can even call them on their phone (found at the bottom right corner of their website.

They even have a testimonial page where you can learn just what their customers think of them and the animals and gear they sell. You can even sign up for their newsletter so you can learn more about their special offers, and the animals they have.



Now, this site actually specializes in chameleons and is one of the best on the entire internet. It’s a site that really shows that it has been made by people passionate about these little lizards. While the actual design seems a bit dated, the site has a ton of valuable information. First, it has a nice section on chameleons that are for sale. Not only that, but they also have a web store where they sell gear and equipment used to take care of your chameleons.

They also have a whole section dedicated to chameleon care sheets, so you know exactly what you need to do. There are also many videos to help you even more. Not only that, but further proof that they not only care about chameleons but their customers as well, is seen on their testimonials page. You can even join their websites and be part of an extended family. They even organize regular events.

Furthermore, for their customers, they have clear and detailed pages for their business policy, shipping and contact page. You can, on their contact page, get their phone numbers (for Calgary and Vancouver Island), as well as their email address, just in case.



Pangea Reptile is a truly professionally made website with clear categories, and easy to navigate layout and lots of features. First of all, on the left, you can find sections for food, reptiles, decorations… – Essentially whatever you need for all your chameleon needs. There is a wide variety of products for sale, at great prices. When you reach the actual product page, you see a couple of pictures of the product, the price and its availability. Not only that, but all of them have a description with clear and precise product specifications. There is also a reviews section for each product, so you can write there if you want to.

As far as their customer service is concerned, they have a couple of pages that cater to that. So, for example, you can check out their testimonials page (which, we must admit, is difficult to reach). THre you can see the thoughts and opinions of the many people who bought their products. Not only that, but you can also check out their quite detailed and lengthy Frequently Asked Questions page, that will certainly answer any and all questions you may have. If that’s not enough then you can always send them a message via email. Or post a question on their Facebook page.


Cornel’s World

This website is amazing for any chameleon enthusiast, because of all the options and the quality they give out. Since these people are also woodworking enthusiasts, you can be certain that their cages especially will be of a very high quality. The sight, while a bit slow to load, has a lot of features. In the upper part, you can see all the options, like their store for their products, the events and projects they do, as well as their contact page. It’s nice to navigate, and quite easy at that.

A great part here is that you can see what kind of custom terrariums and reptile cages they offer. Indeed, they have a product category, as well as a services category. Both are easy to access and give you clear and useful information that can help you take care of your chameleon in the best way possible.

You can contact them by using their phone number, or by sending an email. You can even schedule an appointment, if you so wish, by using a separate telephone. You may find it interesting that this store has been featured on an AMC show, namely, Hell on Wheels.


Underground Reptiles

Another stylish and cool-looking website, underground reptiles somehow combines an interesting design with practicality. When you land on its homepage, you will see an animation of a reptile, but also 4 clear links that lead you to wherever you want to go (animals, feeders, supplies…).  While this animation may cause it to run a bit slow, the link leads you to whatever you want to buy. Not only that but there you see all the specifications you would need to know when buying this kind of product. Furthermore, you can get their amazing auto-ship option, which sends you a certain amount of the product you want at a time interval of your own choosing.

They have a clear and dedicated page that specifies how exactly to order, buy and return (if needed).  It also specifies clear shipping information. They are quite easy to contact since you can just send them an email, or call them at their phone number, present on their page. They even have a reward point system that actually rewards you for each purchase, giving you better and better deals, each time. They truly do care about their customers and will answer any questions you have as soon as possible.




Another website that is all about supplies for chameleons only, you will definitely not go wrong when you go shopping here. The website is nice and simple, with blue, yellow and white colors everywhere. They have sections that clearly delineate all chameleon supplies, be they food, gear or actual lizards. You can also filter these products by brand, which is an excellent option if there is one brand you really like and trust. Not only that but, but all these products have their own page, with their own information and features. Furthermore, as a sign that they care about their customers, and that they trust their own products, you can write a review on any of them when you get them.

They also feature a section on books and publications that are at the moment empty. We are, however, sure that this will be filled out soon with a tonne of quality information. They also have their own Instagram and Facebook page, so you can have some direct contact with the website owners.

Not only that, but the website is quite secure. It has the Comodo secure certification standard, so you know that all the purchase and information you do and provide will stay private and safe.



Coastal Silkworms

Coastal Silkworms specialize in, well, silkworms. This is an amazing and very healthy source of food for your favorite lizard. Not only will are they nutritious, but are cheap as well. The website offers these bad boys, but also a ton of other chameleon supplies. You can see the product categories on top of the page, and from there click on any of them. This will lead you to a part of the website that shows you all the stuff they have for that category. Here you also see some of the nice features this website has, like how you can easily organize the products by price, for example. The site also has a popular tag section, making your search a bit easier.

At the bottom of the website, you can find their customer support information, like their phone number and their email address. IF you want, you can even sign up for their newsletter. They even have (though it’s a bit difficult to find) a customer service page. Here you can find all possible information on how you can order, as well as any issues you may have and how can they be solved. A nice feature is that they have their own YouTube and Facebook page, as well as a twitter account.



Reptile Lounge is a nice and clear website that can offer a lot to any chameleon enthusiast. The site has an interesting navigational style since the products are categorized first by species. This already does some of the work for you, since you won’t have to think about the type of food necessary for the animal you have. After that, you enter the web page which shows all the products relating to that species. This may seem counterintuitive, but thanks to their great filter system, you will find it’s actually quite useful. All the products have a nice number of detail, specifications and a customer review section.

The website also has sections dedicated to helping out its customers, like a section with care sheets that gives some tips on how to take care of your chameleon.

You can contact them via email, or you can check out their Facebook, YouTube and Instagram page if you are so inclined. They even have an amazing live-chat option with their customer service representatives, which can answer any questions you might have.


Misting Depot

Hydration and humidity levels are very important for your chameleons. Lucky for you, there is a whole website dedicated to this kind of stuff. Indeed, this website has every possible misting related product you can think of. When you check out their categories, you will find yourself on the product specific page. Each product, when you click on them, has a couple of pictures from various angles. Not only that, but it has an incredibly detailed description of the product, and how it can be used.

They have their own Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page, so you can always contact them there, post a question, or just check out videos and other stuff they have on offer. You can also contact them the regular way, by visiting their contact us page and sending an email. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a phone number present on their site.

If you wish, you can also use their advanced search engine, which can really help you out while looking for something. Among their other features, they have a special section, for their special offers and gift certificates.


Dragon strand

A very good site, with excellent products and great prices. It caters to a wide variety of interests and offers a lot of different items that will definitely be useful to you. They have dragon ledges, caging systems and a lot of informative articles about keeping your reptiles. Not only that, but they have a whole guide on how to pick out and make a chameleon cage. It really goes into detail here, and you will definitely find a way to put it to good use. The actual site layout looks really nice, with contrasting black and white colors that leave the actual images of the reptiles to really pop out.

However, while there is a lot of products for cages, you won’t really find products such as food here. Still, just the dedication to reptile enclosures is enough to really put this site to good use. Plus they have a very active, customer friendly, Facebook page. Or, if you prefer, you can send them an e-mail. There doesn’t seem to be a phone number on their site, though. Still, their very active e-mail server and Facebook page will be more than enough for all your customer service needs.


Dino Reptiles

Last, but definitely not least,, a site dedicated to reptiles of all shapes and sizes. You will definitely find everything you need for your chameleon here. While the design of the website is as simple as can be, the functionality is great and to the point. On the left of the site, you can choose a category, and land on, for example, their page for food and feeders. There you will see everything they have listed out, with specified prices and amounts. Furthermore, you can see what they have on sale as far as reptiles are concerned.

The people behind this website are very active, having many services and articles. They are, for example, in charge of saving and training discarded reptiles that people grew bored of. Not only that, but you can always contact them, either by actually calling them or by sending an email. Just click on the “contact us” page and that’s all you have to do. Not only that, but the lovely couple that uses this website is always up for a little chat, as long as you respect their work hours (found on the right side of the website).

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