Best Automatic Pill Dispenser

Best Automatic Pill Dispenser

Whenever something hurts or you are confronted with an acute or chronic health issue, taking one or more pills is the first thing that crosses your mind. Modern medicine has made out lives so much easier, allowing us to get rid of pain and discomfort in a shorter amount of time and more efficiently. But what happens when you are following a strict treatment that requires you to take your pills every day at the same hour?

Following your doctor’s instructions is extremely important when it comes to medication. Taking your pills in time can help you heal faster and feel better. Ignoring the importance of a medication schedule often leads to poor effects of the drug or the sensation that the body heals much slower than it should.

What is an automatic pill dispenser?

Taking your medication at specified times can be a challenge if you are an active person with a busy schedule. Also, if you find yourself in the initial phases of a health condition, you might feel sleepy and tired all the time, so forgetting to take the pills at the right time happens a lot.

Pill dispensers have been invented some time ago with the purpose of helping individuals of all ages to take their medication in time. Also, they are meant to help you take the right pill and reduces the risk of confusion. Pill dispensers release the pills at the specified time and increase the chances of healing in a much shorter amount of time.

These units are often found in hospitals or clinics. Recently, though, they started becoming available for home use and seem to be extremely practical, especially in the case of senior citizens or people with impaired mobility or the ability to stick to their regime.

Automatic pill dispensers are electronic devices that alert the patient when the time for a specific pill has come. Therefore, except for having an organizer’s role, this device also helps people stick to their medication schedule and not miss an important pill.

Once more, technology brings benefits into the regular individual’s life. Using an automatic pill dispenser can help prevent medication mistakes and has a major impact on the adverse medication errors.

How does an automatic medication dispenser work?

Except for being extremely practical, an automatic medication dispenser is also extremely easy to use. This is an electronic device that is pre-set to the desired times, when it will open and make a loud sound. At that moment, the patient knows that they have to take a specific pill. In case the medication is not taken out of the device for any reason, the dispenser sends a signal to a monitoring station that is able to contact the caregiver, be it the patient’s family or the nurse.

In most cases, the automatic medication dispenser is connected through a community alarm system that makes it very easy to monitor the patient’s medication schedule.

Pill dispensers that are automatic only allow the patient to take the prescribed dose. Therefore, once the programmed dose has been taken from the dispenser, it will not become available until another one is due. This helps prevent taking double doses and eliminates the risk of over dosage.

These units are extremely practical and useful in one’s household, as well as in hospitals and clinics. However, there are some physical and operational characteristics of pill dispensers that users or caretakers have to take into consideration. For instance, they must be kept on flat surfaces, which makes traveling almost impossible. The normal operation of the device could be affected in such cases. Also, automatic medication dispensers should not be placed in direct sunlight.

If you are looking for an automatic pill dispenser, you should take into consideration all of these things and read the instructions carefully, in order to make sure that you operate it the right way. Depending on the model, some pill dispensers could work differently than others, which is why their functions and limitations must be known from the beginning. If you have doubts regarding the capabilities of the commercial pill dispensers, ask your doctor’s advice.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best-selling automatic medication dispensers on the market, in order to help you choose easier and more efficiently. While analyzing these products, we looked at the technical characteristics, safety features, technology, warranty, price and much more. This way, we were able to highlight these products’ pros and cons. Take a look at the 5 best-selling products below:

Best Automatic Pill Dispensers

1. GMS Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser

GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser


This automatic medication dispenser comes with a compact design, a very good price and the ability to program up to 6 alarm times every day. This is quite a low number, giving that other similar devices can program up to 24. This unit is suitable for patients that do not have to take more than 6 pills a day. The dispenser comes with 28 compartments and has an alarm system that is louder than on the previous versions of the same product. More than that, it has a blinking light system that allows patients with hearing conditions see the notifications in time. Another advantage of this product is that it is equipped with a clear, solid lid that ensures a good visibility and durability.


  • It has an affordable price
  • It has a compact design
  • It is practical and easy to setup
  • It is suitable for patients who have to take up to 6 pills per day
  • It has 28 compartments
  • It has the ability to memorize settings
  • It has a blinking light system


  • It is not suitable for patients who have to take a lot of pills daily

2. LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser


This product comes at an affordable price, it is nicely designed and has a 28-slot carousel that has a rotating system. It is great for scheduled medicine for the elderly. It comes with a notification system that includes both audible and visual alerts, being suitable for the hearing impaired patients. It is easy to use by both patients and caregivers. However, it can only release 6 alarms per day. It has a safety lid that prevents over dosage and it can be locked and unlocked using a manual key. It’s slots fit up to 18 pills. This product can be used for treatments that last for up to 28 days.


  • It has a good price
  • It comes with a compact design
  • It has custom alerts
  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It comes with an advanced display
  • It has 28 compartments
  • Its slots fit up to 18 small pills
  • It has visual and audible alarms
  • It is small enough to be portable
  • It is well secured
  • It measures 7.9 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches
  • It weighs 12 ounces
  • Its memorizing system works even when the batteries are low
  • The audible alarm sounds for 30 minutes

Cons :

  • It can only notify the patients 6 times per day
  • It requires 4 AA batteries that are not included

3. e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser

 e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser


This product comes with an advanced dispenser system and a solid lid and it is suitable for professional use. It comes at a higher price than most similar products, yet its performance is impeccable. This is an automatic pill dispenser that can notify the users up to 28 times per day, by comparison to those that are designed for home use and that only release the alarms up to 6 times per day.

It is great for Alzheimer patients, hearing impaired patients, senior citizens, and caregivers that have to take care of more than one patient at the same time. Another advantage of this product is its security system that includes 2 manual keys. It comes with 2 trays, one sorting pill system, and a filling tray. Its battery life is of 12 months. Also, it includes a low battery indicator.


  • It has a great design
  • It has great security features
  • It is lightweight and very easy to use and transport
  • It has an advanced alarm system
  • It has a long battery life
  • It comes with a low battery indicator
  • It is loud enough
  • It has 28 compartments
  • It comes with practical accessories
  • It includes 2 manual keys for locking and unlocking
  • It has a rotating system
  • It is suitable for professional use


  • It is quite expensive

4. MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer

MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer


This automatic medication dispenser is an automatic product that comes with a practical reminder system and a plastic design that seems quite durable. It measures 10.5 x 7.5 x 8.25 inches and it is lightweight enough to be easy to transport. It is suitable for patients who have to take up to 4 pills per day and it comes with a red-green organizer. The alarm system of this unit is louder than most similar products’.

The great thing about the alarm is that it isn’t beeping, but talking, making it more practical. It is easy to set up; it comes with an LCD display that shows the most important information, such as the time, date and doses. One of its disadvantages is that the patient must push a button in order to activate the next reminder, after taking a pill.


  • It is affordable
  • It is suitable for home use
  • It has a nice design
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a red-green organizer
  • It comes with an LCD display
  • It is suitable for patients who take up to 4 pills per day
  • It is loud


  • It does not have visual alarms
  • It is not suitable for those who must take more than 4 pills per day
  • Patients must press a button to activate the next reminder

5. e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock

e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock


This is probably one of the best products on our list when it comes to professional automatic pill dispensers. Its size is quite large, yet its functionalities are advanced, which makes it more practical and useful than other products. Its price is quite high, but it is a long term investment for caregivers or families with one or more seniors or patients. It can be used at home or in medical institutions with ease, as it is easy to setup and practical. It has an e-pill dispenser that has up to 6 alarms per day, a large pill capacity tray, a pill box, a tipper and a dose verification tray.

It has an unusual design that integrates a cup that is supplied by the manufacturer. It has a great safety system and includes a manual key for locking and unlocking. Its lid is solid and durable. The battery life of this product is up to 6 months, it has a sound and visual alarm and alarm duration of 30 minutes. It is equipped with a practical LCD display that shows essential information. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use even for senior citizens.


  • It has a great design
  • It has up to 6 alarms per day
  • It is suitable for home or institutional use
  • It is intuitive
  • It has an LCD display that makes it easy for the patients to program their doses
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It has a battery life of up to 6 months
  • It is easy to set up
  • It has an alarm system that includes sound and visual notifications
  • It is easy to refill
  • It includes a base
  • It includes a medical cup


  • It is more expensive than more similar products
  • It is larger than most products of this kind
  • Despite its price and capabilities, it only releases 4 alarms per day
  • It is not suitable for patients who have to take more than 4 pills per day


What are the advantages of using an Automatic Pill Dispenser?

There are a lot of advantages – Starting from simple time-saving, the pill dispenser lets you know exactly when and how many pills you need to take. This is an incredible feature that easily replaces the usual, manual pill dispensers.

Secondly, they are precise, simple to use, and very spacious. Manual pill holders can hold up fewer pills in comparison to automatic pill dispensers, and can’t be described as accurate as you need to manually take your pills.

Lastly, the flashing alarms last for a long time, helping the people with impaired hearing a lot. Again, the regular pill holders may possess the battery powered alarms, but they usually just ring. The electric pill dispensers possess several alarms, which make them more practical.

Automatic pill dispenser instructions

Automatic medication dispensers, also known as medication reminders are units that make the life of the patient and that of the caregiver much easier. The medication planning only has to be done once, when the device is being programmed, after which the only thing that you have to do is to pay attention to the alarm and make sure that you take the pill in time. Most products are very easy to use and their operation is quite simple. Here are some of the general instructions of a pill dispenser:

  • Setup includes inserting the batteries, learning how to open it, cleaning the tray and loading the alert
  • The alert can be set one or more times per day, depending on the doctor’s recommendations
  • See how many discs does the dispenser supply you with
  • Place the pills inside of the compartments and refill depending on the number of daily pills
  • Set the hour format
  • Set the clock correctly
  • Set and check alarm times
  • Set a pleasant alarm tone
  • Test the display
  • Learn how to lock and unlock the device, by using a key or a similar accessory
  • Learn how to stop the alarm

These instructions are general and could differ from product to product. Learning how to use an automatic pill dispenser is easy, though. Just be careful about the low battery alert. Most products have a low battery indicator. When it is on, you must know that the batteries need replacing.

Using an automatic pill dispenser for yourself or your family members can become a pleasant habit, as it eliminates the schedule-related stress. Sometimes, when you have to keep in mind that one of your family members have to take their medication in time, anxiety and stress overwhelm you. Although it becomes a habit in time, such devices can ease your daily routine and make you feel more comfortable.

More than that, it becomes easier for the patient itself to take the medication at the right time when they can trust a device to remind them by releasing the alarm.

If you or the patient is accustomed to advanced technology, you can choose more advanced devices with plenty of functions. However, if the patient is an older citizen, the functions of the device should be as simple as possible. The great thing about advanced pill dispensers is that they come with features that are truly useful. For example, there are products that not only remind users by using an alarm, but also using flashing lights. Let us remember that some of the patients have trouble hearing sounds properly, so such a function should help them see the notifications that the device is sending.

Also, advanced devices not only display the date and time but also the time of the next dose, the number of remaining doses, the battery level and much more.

Buy an automatic pill dispenser to make sure that you take the medication in time and that your treatment is effective.

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