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at home laser hair removal machine
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Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser< /center>
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LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device
LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device
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Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser
Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser
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iluminage Permanent Hair Reduction Device
iluminage Permanent Hair Reduction Device
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Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision
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Ugh, time for hair removal… Be it the face, the legs or other areas, the very thought of having to shave or wax vexes me beyond belief. It’s slow, irritating and often painful (accursed wax!), and at one point, I had to stop and think, there has to be a better way to do this. And lo and behold, there is!

At home laser hair removal

But, a single laser hair removal treatment at the dermatologist is a very expensive affair. Thousands of dollars over the years are needed for effective treatment. The results are real, but, unless you’re coming off the red carpet, you probably can’t afford it. But, that was 10 years ago. Nowadays, with the advance in technology, there is a much more affordable way to acquire laser hair removal. I’m talking about handheld laser removal devices that you can easily find on Amazon.

Now, take heed – I said that the machines are more affordable, but they’re never cheap. Pretty much every single device costs at least $400. However, these little things are an investment. Every dollar you put into them will be returned to you in the form of outstanding results, over a course of many years.

But there raises another question – is laser hair removal at home as effective as the manufacturers say it is? Are the devices really the tiny miracles their manufacturers claim they are? Of course, they’re not. This is the standard fluff manufacturers use to inflate their products; you know it, I know it, everybody knows it. But, will they work? Yes, they will. They may not be as effective, but there are definitely visible results.

Now, the issue with these devices is that they don’t work for everyone. People with blonde and red hair might find it troublesome to work these devices. Laser removal is more for people with dark hair, ranging from light brown to black. The laser devices are most effective with people with dark hair and fair skin. That being said, the devices are not very effective with people of darker complexion either. For you, well, it’s the razor, the jar of wax and a pair of tweezers again.

Lastly, home laser hair removal treatment is not all that comfortable. The laser used is a very intense and focused beam of light, bent on destroying hair follicles by effectively burning them. What’s more, you will see some hair growth at the very beginning, but, because the follicles are so short this time, you might suffer from ingrown hairs. To prevent this, you will want to do facials scrubs and peels, as well as body scrubs too. You may also use some creams that slow hair growth to make the process a bit quicker and problem free.

But, I’ve talked enough. It’s time for the products to speak for themselves. For you, I’ve set aside five of the best home laser removal machines on the market. I’ve also thrown in some answers to the questions you’re most likely to have.

Best at home laser hair removal

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser

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Our first product comes from Tria. Tira Beauty Hair Removal Laser is a very effective device, but also a pricey one. You can get it on Amazon for about $450, but what you get for it is truly stunning. Tria is a 5-level laser removal device and is highly recommended by dermatologists for its effectiveness and relative gentleness toward the skin. Tria is able to remove up to 70% of hair and halt the growth, but you’ll need to invest at least three months in it.

I said that the device is relatively gentle toward the skin, and that is true on lower settings. Once you get to level four or five, the device is much harsher, and you will experience pain. It is highly advised you use a cream to soothe the skin after use, otherwise, you might suffer ingrown hair or even burns. Tria is best used for your bikini area, armpits and face.


  • Highly recommended by dermatologists.
  • Removes up to 70% of hair and halts growth.
  • 5 levels allow you to work your way up and reduce skin irritation.


  • The machine is very harsh on higher levels.
  • The machine is fairly expensive.
  • The device will take at least three months to produce results.

2. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device

LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device

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Next up, it’s the LumaRX Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device. The LumaRX uses the Intense Pulsed Light technology (that’s what IPL stands for) which is a much better way of removing hair and getting more permanent results. The device is very well suited to removing hair from your underarms, chest, legs, stomach and bikini line, making it a very versatile device.

However, you may not use the device on darker skin, as it simply won’t be effective. In fact, LumaRX has a built-in tester that recognizes of the skin is too dark to be treated. With that, LumaRX should be used primarily for light to medium skin tones and on dark to medium hair color.

The laser is also useful for men as well. Guys, if you need something that can handle chest or back hair, LumaRX is just the thing. This device is built to cover large areas and can remove up to 94% of hair, and impede its growth. This is, I must say, very impressive, and at this point, the $450 price tag is not that crazy.


  • Covers large areas of your body.
  • Very effective – removes up to 94% hair.
  • Can be used by men as well to great effect.


  • Fairly expensive.
  • The treatment is painful.
  • Can’t be used on lighter hair and skin tones.

3. Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser

Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser

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Lastly, we have another Tria product. However, this is not a laser hair removal device, but an anti-aging device. So why is it on our list? Well, because we said that laser hair removal often irritates the skin, due to high-intensity lasers being used. So, to effectively treat this problem, we thought you would appreciate that we provide you with a solution right here and right now.

Tria Beauty Age-Defying laser stimulates cell restoration in your skin, thus increasing the production of collagen. Collagen is a vital protein in your skin, and it gives it the flexibility and softness you crave. Flexible skin is also resilient skin, and you will have much fewer problems with wrinkles. The device makes the skin tight as a drum, but also flexible and strong enough.


  • The device is FDA approved and clinically tested to work.
  • Stimulates production of collagen.
  • And effective means to soothe the skin after laser hair removal treatment.


  • The product is fairly expensive (about $450 on Amazon).
  • The battery is single use, and will last three years; then, you’ll have to buy another one.
  • Takes about 12 weeks to show results.

Now that we’ve shown you the products, let’s get around to a few questions you might have.

4. iluminage Permanent Hair Reduction Device

iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

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Our penultimate product is the iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device. This is an FDA-approved device and the only one that has been proven by the FDA to deliver lasting results. Not only that, but the machine has been also proven to be effective against light hair and on darker skin tones. It removes up to 94% of the hair follicles and puts a permanent stop on hair growth. In addition, the machine is also the least painful of all.

Another good thing about iluminage is that the machine costs under $400 on Amazon. However, the downside of this relatively low cost is that the device’s cartridges don’t last as long, and you’ll have to spend extra money replacing them. However, if you’re fine with that, you will be a proud owner of one of the best laser hair removal devices on the market.


  • Very effective against the lightest hair tones and when treating the darkest of complexions.
  • Comparatively less painful than most devices.
  • The device boasts a lower price.


  • The device’s cartridges do not last as long.
  • Can cause skin sensitivity.

5. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision

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If you’d like something smaller and more affordable, something to take care of localized cluster of hair, pick Tria Beauty Hair Removal Precision Laser. This small device is perfect for smaller patches of your skin. Needless to say, this product is just as good as the first item on our list, as they come from the same manufacturer and their laser is of the same power.

But the greatest feature Tria Precision has is its portability. Such a small and handy device is always available to you, and you can carry it with you wherever you go. This is also the reason behind its nominal price, as on Amazon, it costs only about $200. Again, the product is not suited for use on darker skin and with lighter hair.


  • Small and portable.
  • Very affordable.
  • Delivers the same performance as the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser.


  • Not intended for larger areas.
  • Not effective with darker skin and lighter hair.
  • The treatment is pretty harsh.


How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

It depends. Depending on the area you wish to treat and the tone of your skin and hair, you may get a different cost of laser hair removal treatments. The larger the area, the more it will cost to treat it, and those with lighter hair will also have to pay extra, as their hair is more resistant to the lasers.

The average costs of laser hair removal treatments also depend on the region, area, and even the city you do it in. Not only that, but different practitioners offer different pricing, and they often have discounts.

Be that as it may, make sure that you go to a licensed practitioner. This is of utmost importance, as anything less than an expert will expose you to unwanted risks. Laser hair removal is, as we’ve stated many times before, a very harsh operation, and only an expert will be able to do it safely.

However, we still haven’t given you any hard figures. Well, an average cost of laser hair removal, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is about $235 per session. It should also be noted that, for good results, you’ll have to visit your doctor for around 5-8 sessions.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

No, it is not. It is very unfortunate, but nobody can guarantee that you will never have to wax and shave again. In fact, it is even known exactly how long does laser hair removal lasts – it lasts about a year. After that, you will have to go back and have yourself another session with your dermatologist.

So permanent laser hair removal is impossible, but what about permanent laser hair removal at home? Well, considering that the lasers used by professionals are much, much more powerful, there is no way you’ll be able to get rid of naughty hairs for good. All home laser devices offer is a mitigation of the problem with constant use. If you keep using a device, you will definitely notice that your hair in particular spots is getting thinner and shorter, and you may get to the point where it’s almost gone, but as soon as you stop treating, follicles will start regenerating and start growing hair again.

But, the most important part is not to get discouraged. Hair removal has been made much more accessible, and, with home laser devices, you don’t have to dish out thousand or more dollars every year to get your crotch cleared of hair.

Does Hair Removal Work?

Yes… To an extent. The truth is, it, again, depends on several factors. Firstly, it will depend on the area you’re planning to treat. For example, if you’re planning a full body laser hair removal, you might get more mixed results, as not all of the hair on your body is of the same thickness and coarseness. On the other hand, if you’re planning to do a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, the results will be more uniform. It is also very prominent to laser hair remove bikini areas, and results are generally quite good.

Another factor to consider is the device itself. The more powerful the device, the better results will you get, but a more powerful machine will hurt more and require professional handling. At-home laser hair removal devices are pretty effective, but they can’t measure up to the machines your local dermatologist or plastic surgeon is sporting.

But the overall answer is, yes, laser hair removal treatment does work, and it works very well, in fact. Many would say that it doesn’t, or that it’s just a scam, but the products do produce results, and there are many satisfied customers nationwide and worldwide in general.

Laser Facial Hair Removal

As the name says laser facial hair removal pertains to removing the hair on your face. Many women struggle with facial hair that is too strong and visible, and they would just like to have them eradicated. Constant waxing of your upper lip is only making the hair coarser and thicker, and ever more resilient.

However, laser removal is still a great way to deal with facial hair. Naturally, laser treatment at a clinic is the most effective, but home laser hair removal devices are effective too.

Be that as it may, you will still have to have a lot of patience with the facial hair. Like I said, this is the most resilient type of hair, and it won’t buckle easily.

However, if you are a man, then I strongly would advise you against using home devices. Laser hair removal for men is much trickier. Male facial hair is much thicker and stronger, and these devices simply don’t have enough of a punch to take them out. Instead, you’ll suffer from irritated skin, patching and ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal for dark skin is also very tricky. People with dark skin will have to consult professionals as well.

Laser Hair Removal – Before and After

So what kind of laser hair removal results can you expect? Well, we’ve mentioned a few things already and said that it depends on your complexion and hair color. Fair haired people, as well as people with red hair, and people with dark skin will not be able to use home devices and will have to go to the doctor to have it all removed. However, when it comes to home devices, the results are mostly positive. Many home devices can reduce hairiness by about 70%, and some exceptional devices can handle up to 94% of hair. Still, professional treatments are the peak of efficiency.

Another thing you can expect from laser hair removal is reduced hair growth. In fact, this is one of the most prominent benefits of laser hair removal. This treatment not only seeks to destroy hair but attacks the very hair follicles and stops growth altogether.

Or at least, that’s the theory. Like I mentioned, professional clinics will remove all the hair, but you will still have to visit them again.

Does Hair Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Is laser hair removal painful, you ask? O, yes it is. Well, not so much. Most machines have a lower setting that won’t be as painful for you. If you’re just starting out, it is highly advisable you go with lower settings.

One thing that has to be considered is that this is a very concentrated and intense beam of light. Just like you would get burned if you put your hand under a focused beam from a magnifying glass, so too does this laser burn. To be able to affect the follicles, the device must be able to penetrate the skin, and this is where the pain comes from. In fact, the most common sensation people who’ve been to a clinic describe is that of sunburn.

All in all, the treatment will hurt, but you will get used to it, and then it won’t sting too much. This holds especially true if you gauge the intensity of the laser.

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal – Which Is Better?

For people with darker hair, laser hair removal is a much better option. The way laser removal works is it detects the pigment in the base of the follicle and heats it up, thus disabling it. Laser hair removal can also cover more ground more quickly because a good number of follicles are treated at once.

In the case of electrolysis, the follicles are treated one by one. This is a process even costlier than LHR, and slower, but also more thorough. People with light hair or dark skin might want to want to try electrolysis, as this is a surefire way to remove hair.

In addition, it should be noted that electrolyses yields more permanent results. LHR will require yearly maintenance, while electrolysis yields results that are longer-lasting. Even so, both treatments can create scars, and electrolysis is even more uncomfortable than LHR.

Is Laser Hair Removals Safe?

For the most part, yes. I already said above that there is potential for scarring. However, if done correctly, there is no reason LHR would not be safe.

Be that as it may, you need to abide by certain rules when giving yourself an LHR treatment. Again, the device produces a very powerful stream of light, and you will need to be very careful not to point it in your eye, or the eyes of others. When handling the device, make sure you’re wearing proper eye protection, as a single stream of light getting in your eye might cause irreparable damage to your retina.

Otherwise, you should be fine. Always take care to read the instructions, of course, as any misuse of the device can cause harm to your person.


And there you have it, this is my little take on the whole laser hair removal thing. Here you have five home laser hair removal reviews, so you can choose the device that caters best to your needs. There is no single best laser hair removal machine, and all of them are pretty good, but all of them have their cons too.

I also took the time to do some research and answer a few questions. I figure these questions are of great importance because you need to check the facts before jumping in and using the device. LHR carries certain risks, and it is not meant for everyone. I’ve said many times so far that dark skinned people won’t have any luck with laser hair removal, and that they will have to look for other alternatives.

All in all, the choice is ultimately yours. Whether you choose to do things the old-fashioned way or to try and incorporate the newest technology into your daily beautification, it is always and decidedly important to do what you feel is the most comfortable for you. Don’t try and push yourself to use LHR if everybody’s using it. The treatment has its pros and cons, and you should consider them well before going ahead with it.

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