6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture at Work

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture at Work

The human bodies are not made for sitting long hours. This behavior is wrong for us at so many levels! However, our work and lifestyles force us to sit down most of the times. We sit down so much in our everyday lives that we are excessively used to it and even after 10 hours of sitting, we still don’t mind a good chair.

Sitting down is one of the most harmful things for your body. It affects the strength of your muscles, your cardiovascular system, immune system and bone system. After a while, your muscles become sore, your back hurts and the back of your neck burns. Even worse, your back posture is affected by sitting down. You slouch and look unhealthy and bored.

Luckily, you are not hopeless. There are many ways to improve your posture at work and at home. Keep reading to find out what you can do:

1. Follow the rules of the ergonomics

According to ergonomics, your computer monitor and eyes should be perpendicular. This means that when you are looking at your computer screen, it should be right in front of you. If you follow this rule, your head does not have to lean forward. Also, your arms should be positioned at 90 degrees. You should have armrests for support. Your back should be very comfortable and correctly supported by the backrest, maintaining a natural lower back position.

Follow the rules of the ergonomics

2. Exercise

Exercise can bring you more benefits than you expect. When you stretch and practice strength exercises, you back and core muscles become more powerful and are able to support your back in a more efficient way. On the contrary, when your muscles are weak, your tendency to slouch is higher. Therefore, you will have a poor position that will affect your health on a long term.

Exercise at work

3.  Uncross your legs

When your legs are crossed, not only does your blood circulation stop functioning properly, but the alignment of your spine also becomes weird and unhealthy. Not having all of your back bones aligned correctly will lead to back pain, poor posture, poor circulation and painful back conditions on the long run.

If you always feel that your legs sit in an uncomfortable position, try to get a leg rest that will make you feel better and avoid crossing the,.

Uncross your legs

4. Use a lumbar support

Lumbar support pillows prove to be very useful when your chair is curved in an unnatural way. Although most ergonomic chairs are made following the human back’s shape, not all chairs are right for everyone. Therefore, buying a lumbar support that is both comfortable and efficient, can prevent slouching and therefore, back aches.

Lumbar pillows’ advantage is that they can be easily transported and can be used anywhere: at home, at work or in your car. Most of them are affordable and prove to be a true help.

Use a lumbar support

5. Move as much as you can

If you have a desk job that requires your full attention, then it is recommended to move as much as possible during your breaks. Take the stairs instead of the elevator although you might sweat a bit, go yourself to the copy machine instead for asking a friend’s help and go get your coffee from a coffee shop instead of buying it from a vending machine. Moving forces you to keep your back straighter and require some more effort from your muscles, that will support your back better if they are more powerful.

Move as much as you can

6. Wear a posture brace

Posture braces were especially made for the purpose of helping those with posture issues. If nothing else works, you can start wearing a discreet posture brace underneath your clothes, while working out or while working in your office. Do not wear it all the time. A few hours per day are more than enough to strengthen your back and correct your posture.

If the posture brace you bought is a tougher one, it will feel uncomfortable for the first few days, but once you get used to it, you will observe a real difference. Also, once you manage to improve your posture, you will feel better and you will be more efficient at work.

Wear a posture brace


Start doing at least three of the things above to improve your posture right away and look more professional at your work place. The great thing about this is that improving your posture doesn’t only have an amazing impact on your health, but also has the power to influence you on a psychological level.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture at Work
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