Improve your posture

Here are 5 ways to improve your posture immediately

Do you feel good when you slouch? Sometimes, it can be relaxing, but let’s not forget how ugly it looks on you. Except for the fact that your posture makes you look unimportant, less confident and unhealthy, it also makes you look bored and unprofessional.

Slouching at home, at work and basically anywhere, as a matter of fact, should be forbidden, as it causes intense neck and back pain and in time. More than that, it can cause sore muscles and various organ conditions. Not to mention that it compromises your muscle power and limits your ability to lose weight.

Are you convinced yet? In order to give up slouching and start building a healthy and good looking posture, try doing the following things:

Give up your chair 

The reason why so many ergonomic chairs are built is that people tend to slouch due to the poor shape of their desk chair. If you do not have the means to buy such a chair that will help you improve your back position, then simply buy a yoga ball. Give up your chair and sit on your ball while working at your office. It will look and feel silly at first, but you will get used to it very quickly.

When sitting on a yoga ball, you cannot slouch for a long time, because you lose your balance. You are forced to keep a straight back. More than that, your arms and legs, even your core, will constantly be supporting your back.

fitness ball at desk



It is not enough to exercise by doing cardio and strength trainings. You should always stretch your muscles before and after your training sessions. Also, you should stretch your arms, legs and back whenever you feel tense at work, sitting at your desk. You might not observe it the first few times, but it does help you maintain a correct posture.

Make it a habit to stretch at least two times a day if you have a poor posture. This way, you will help your muscles support your spine more efficiently.



Move the screen higher

Sometimes, the only reason why you slouch is because you are focused while watching or reading something on your computer screen. You are so focused that you tend to go closer to it. If you do that all the time and then you find yourself slouching without even noticing it, simply move your desktop screen. Elevate it if it is adjustable or place some books or even a small shelf underneath it. Make sure that it is stable and work like that for a while. It is highly probable that your neck and back will not hurt as much and that you will have a better posture.

Computer screen stand


Ask for a tap on the back

Ask your friends, family or your colleagues to give you a tap on the back whenever you slouch or have a weird posture. Share with them your thoughts about having a healthier back posture and don’t get mad when they start doing what you told them to. Also, place a photo of you slouching somewhere in your sight, so you can correct your position whenever you see it.

Do not slouch at work


Adjust your car seat

If you drive a lot and you noticed that your posture is poorer lately, you should take a look at your car seat. If it looks and feels uncomfortable or it forces you to have an unnatural position, then adjust it as much as possible. If that doesn’t help, then you should buy yourself an ergonomic back support. There are plenty of such accessories, especially made for car seats.

Pay attention to the head rest. Most people get so used to the uncomfortable position of their head rest, that they completely ignore it. However, if it leans forward too much, it can make you slouch.

These are just a few ways through which you can considerably improve your poor back posture. Try at least three of them on a daily basis and you will start feeling a difference immediately. At the same time, it is important to train your core muscles, to analyze your standing and sitting posture and to stop carrying weights if you know that it affects your back.

Having a better posture will make you look more confident and healthier. Also, you will express interest and professionalism during your meetings.

Car seat and posture

Here are 5 ways to improve your posture immediately
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