5 Ways to Control your Post-Workout Cravings

To exercise every day or at least a few times a week is healthy for your body and mind, it helps you lose weight and maintain an amazing body shape. But what it doesn’t do is to cut your cravings. Post-workout hunger is extremely difficult to control. Studies have shown that a woman’s appetite is significantly increased after a workout due to the growth of hormone’s levels, which is why it is more difficult for them to control their cravings.

Some women find it easier to get used to these sensations and to resist them, while other find it extremely difficult. Specialists say that it all depends on your metabolism, nutrition, meal hours, the duration of the workout and your body’s hydration level.

If you find yourself fighting post-workout cravings and you know that eating right after your daily training might prevent you from reaching your objectives, then you must take measures immediately. Here is what you can do:

1. Reschedule your meals

If you are always hungry after working out and you can’t resist having another meal, then you should probably start working out without before one of your main meals. You can either reschedule your meals or your workouts. This way, you will avoid taking in the amount of calories that you just burned.

Reschedule meal

2. Stay hydrated

Drinking a lot of water during the day can solve a lot of your hunger issues. Nutritionists say that most people mistake the hunger sensation for thirst, especially after working out. If you are dehydrated, this might be your case, too. Make sure that you drink enough water every day and monitor your hydration level either by installing an app on your phone, or by setting water drinking alarms. See what happens after a week of proper hydration.

Stay hidrated

3. Don’t eat more food than your body needs

If you know that sometimes you only eat out of habit, you must stop doing that right away because you are probably giving your body more food than it needs. Limit your snacks and monitor your meals. Eat regularly if you want to make sure that you eat to be healthy and full of energy, not because you crave something. If you still can’t help it, try to cut your food portions slowly.

Don’t eat more food


4. Always eat your breakfast

If you are one of those people who usually skip breakfast but eat a lot in the second part of the day, you will probably be very hungry after working out. You will be able to keep your hunger under control if you eat a healthy, protein rich breakfast in the morning. By the time you will begin your workout, the nutrients and proteins in your food will be transformed into energy. If you skip it, you will eat a lot of food at once, traumatizing your stomach day by day.

Eat breakfast

5. Eat smaller portions

If you have issues controlling your cravings, there is a high chance that you will have a weight issue. If you want to avoid that and make your workouts count, rethink the way you eat. You can schedule 6-7 meals per day if the portions are much smaller and your body will thank you. Also, your workouts will be more effective because you will always have your energy levels high.

Eat smaller portions


5 Ways to Control your Post-Workout Cravings
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