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5 Moves to Get the Perfect Butt

Just because you were not born with perfect buttocks, it doesn’t mean that you can’t transform your body and get the perfect butt that you have always wanted. Actually, you can look however you want thanks to the advanced training plans that are available for everyone these days.

You don’t need to get a personal trainer or to get a plastic surgery. All you have to do is to set your objectives and start working out. Actually, there are 5 moves that can help you obtain the perfect butt in time.

Perform the below moves every day at home or at the gym if you want to have an admirable bottom that will make you feel more beautiful and confident.

1. Donkey kicks

This is one of the moves that Jen Selter, the Instagram star, does to maintain her butt toned and beautiful. To do this exercise, you must kneel, place your hands in front of your legs, supporting your body with all four members. Raise one of your legs upwards, imitating kicking motions. Squeeze the glutes while doing this and repeat it about 15 times with both your legs.

Donkey kicks

2. Chair kicks

Support yourself by holding the back of a high chair with your hands and slightly lean forward. Lift one of your legs behind you, as if you were ready to kick someone. Bring the leg back and do the same movement with the opposite one. You don’t have to raise the legs too high, just enough to feel that your muscles are put to work.Chair kicks



3. Butt lift

Lie on your back and place your soles on the ground. Keep your arms next to your body and lift your core. Your legs, your lumbar section and your chest should form a straight line when the pose is performed correctly. Also, your head should be brought towards your chest when performing this exercise. Maintain the position for a few seconds and go back to the initial one. Repeat at least 20 times a day, even if you are a beginner.

Butt lift


4. Short squats

Everyone knows how to do a squat, but this exercise is a little bit more difficult as it requires you to squat down, squeeze your abdominal muscles and pulse up just a little bit until you go back to the next squat. The entire up-down movement should not exceed 6-7 inches, which is why after a few repetitions your upper legs will start to burn. Repeat 15 times and do 2-3 sets per day.

Short squats

5. Walking lunges

These moves can be done with nothing more than your body’s weight, but you can also use a dumbbell. Maintain a straight back and do low lunges, making sure that your front knee does not exceed the level of your toes. Be careful about the weight you carry if you have never done this before, as you might injure your back.

Walking lunges


These 5 exercises are ideal for reshaping your butt. More importantly, they are great for the entire body and can transform you slowly but efficiently if you continue doing them for at least three months.

5 Moves to Get the Perfect Butt
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